Elimination Mechanisms

Ever wondered why NaOH is a reactant used for both nucleophilic substitution and elimination of halogenoalkanes? To understand it, we have to delve deeper into the mechanism of elimination reactions.…

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Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution

Examples of nucleophilic acyl substitution in the H2 syllabus include esterification and the hydrolysis of acid chlorides. In this video, I share more about this type of reaction. https://youtu.be/3OkVQc-gP4k

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Drawing Resonance Structures

Resonance is one of the key concepts in Pauling's Valence Bond Theory, and can be considered as a conceptual framework by which to understand chemical bonding. In this video, I…

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Vectors Crash Course

Vectors is one of the most challenging topics in H2 Mathematics because of the sheer number of new concepts and notation involved. We divide the topic into two parts: Part…

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