Learning without lectures — HOW?

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  • Post last modified:May 7, 2020
Learning without lectures — HOW?

As part of their Home Based Learning (HBL) arrangements, some schools’ subject departments are doing away with lectures, instead asking students to self-study the topics before attending online tutorials.

Understandably, this has led to some students being dismayed.  After all, no matter how comprehensive the lecture notes and materials provided to students, many students prefer to hear a teacher explain the concepts.  The absence of lectures, even video-recorded ones, is indeed a loss for students in those schools.

Being someone who also prefers to hear a verbal explanation over reading notes, here are some ways I have thought of for students to more effectively study during this time.

1. Study the lecture notes with a friend (virtually)

Yes, I have not forgotten that CB exists.  But what you can do is to Skype one or two friends, screen-share a digital copy of the lecture notes, then go through it together.  Chances are, if you reach a part that you don’t understand, your friend may be able to explain it to you, and you can do likewise for the parts your friends have difficulty with.  Confucius says, “When three men walk together, each person can be a teacher to the other two”. (No, I did not make this quote up, though my translation may be a bit clumsy.)  Going through the notes together also helps you stay focused.

2. Watch YouTube videos

There are many good quality lecture videos on YouTube for a wide range of topics, and watching these videos can better help you understand the information, as well as enlighten you on things you previously did not understand.

3. Re-do the tutorial worksheet after the tutorial lesson

If the above methods still do not work and you find yourself entering the tutorial lesson without a complete understanding of the topic, do not be dismayed.  Chances are, hearing someone go through the tutorial questions can help much in clarifying your understanding.  After that, it greatly helps for you to re-attempt the tutorial, which allows you to retain the information you have learnt, as well as hone crucial problem solving skills for that topic.

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